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  • Fixed Point Theory for Lipschitzian type Mappings with ApplicationsFixed Point Theory for Lipschitzian-type Mappings with Applications
    Ravi P. Agarwal, Donal O’Regan, D. R. Sahu

    In recent years, the fixed point theory of Lipschitzian-type mappings has rapidly grown into an important field of study in both pure and applied mathematics. It has become one of the most essential tools in nonlinear functional analysis.

  • Continuous Lattices and DomainsContinuous Lattices and Domains
    G. Gierz

    Information content and programming semantics are just two of the applications of the mathematical concepts of order, continuity and domains.

  • Lectures On Algebraic TopologyLectures On Algebraic Topology
    Albrecht Dold

    Of over 400 books published in these series, many have become recognized classics and remain standard references for their subject.

  • Matrices and Graphs in GeometryMatrices and Graphs in Geometry
    Miroslav Fiedler

    This series is devoted to significant topics or themes that have wide application in mathematics or mathematical science and for which a detailed development of the abstract theory is less important than a thorough and concrete exploration …

  • Graphs Surfaces and HomologyGraphs, Surfaces and Homology
    Peter Giblin

    Numerous examples and exercises are also included, making this an ideal text for undergraduate courses or for self-study.

  • Indra s PearlsIndra’s Pearls
    David Mumford, Caroline Series, David Wright

    Felix Klein, one of the great nineteenth-century geometers, discovered in mathematics an idea prefigured in Buddhist mythology: the heaven of Indra contained a net of pearls, each of which was reflected in its neighbour, so that the whole …

  • Symplectic Geometry of Integrable Hamiltonian SystemsSymplectic Geometry of Integrable Hamiltonian Systems
    Michèle Audin, A Cannas de Silva, Eugene Lerman

    This book serves as an introduction to symplectic and contact geometry for graduate students, exploring the underlying geometry of integrable Hamiltonian systems.

  • Algebraic OperadsAlgebraic Operads
    Jean-Louis Loday, Bruno Vallette

    This is a point of view that is 40 years old in algebraic topology, but the new trend is its appearance in several other areas, such as algebraic geometry, mathematical physics, differential geometry, and combinatorics.

  • Algebraic Cycles and MotivesAlgebraic Cycles and Motives:
    Jan Nagel, Chris Peters

    A self-contained account of the subject of algebraic cycles and motives as it stands today.

  • Encyclopedia of DistancesEncyclopedia of Distances
    Michel Marie Deza, Elena Deza

    This 4-th edition of the leading reference volume on distance metrics is characterized by updated and rewritten sections on some items suggested by experts and readers, as well a general streamlining of content and the addition of essential …

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